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Group Therapy (online)

Sometimes the cost of individual counselling is not an option and you may decide that being part of the therapy group is more suited to your needs. 


Group therapy is offered for a maximum group size of 6 people.  Each person has a 1:1 initial conversation to see if this is the best choice for them.  

Two groups are offered – one works with self-esteem and the other, bereavement.


Each meets once a week for 1 1/2/ hours, currently online.  After the first 3 sessions, a half-hour 1:1 session is offered for one of the group members each week as part of the session/therapeutic offer. 


It is hoped to offer these outdoors, following the appropriate social distancing and safe space for the group in the late Summer, as an option depending on Covid-19 developments.


An initial deposit of 2 weeks is asked for at the beginning and this becomes the fees for your last two sessions where we explore the ending of therapy for you.

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