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The word Reiki means ‘Universal Life Force or Energy’ and is an ancient form of healing which is thought to have originated in Tibet over 5000 years ago. Whilst, Western orthodox medicine is based on a biomedical model of ‘disease’, many Eastern medicines including energetic touch therapies such as Reiki are based on the notion of dis-ease as a bio-energetic phenomenon.


These use hands-on methods to work with the chakras, meridians and aura in order to re-balance emotional, mental, physical and spiritual dimensions within the human energy field to promote healing.

The goal of Reiki is to rebalance the human energy field at its deepest level.  This, in turn, dissolves the subtle causes of illness i.e. energy blockages, whilst also enhancing overall resilience. Reiki is commonly used to treat emotional and mental distress, acute and chronic physical conditions and is also beneficial in palliative care.


It can be used as a standalone therapy or integrated with medical, clinical, and other therapeutic disciplines such as my counselling services to enhance existing work, relieve side effects, promote recovery and enhance quality of life.


Reiki Treatment
A Reiki treatment session lasts approximately one hour. Most people are surprised at how wonderfully relaxed and comfortable they feel: 1 hour of Reiki is equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.


Cost: £35.00 per session - 1 hour £25.00 per session – ½ hour

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