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Outdoor - Walk & Talk Therapy

For some people, the idea of counselling or therapy being outside is preferable to being in a room.  This might be sitting in a garden, walking around a pre-agreed space where you can speak freely and let nature be part of what is happening or sharing a nature based activity where you can work with what has brought you to therapy.


You do not have to be a keen walker to enjoy this kind of therapy.  At Being Yew, I offer a way for anyone to be able to access the world of nature for their therapy if that is their want.   Why not give it a try?


An initial session is often held partially indoors to ensure that everything needed, is in place.  It is then possible to head outdoors for a short time to continue the session.


Sensible footwear is recommended and a raincoat, in case of the weather deciding to change. Rain does not stop play.

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