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Online & Telephone Counselling

Being Yew offers Online counselling therapy using telephone or webcam video.

You choose the method of communication you prefer to use, along with the time, place and pace of the session to meet your needs.

Every effort is made to provide a safe and secure environment for your online therapy with encryption software to protect your confidentiality and secure.


How it works

Webcam Counselling

Using Zoom means that you can see your counsellor, during the session.  I can guide you through setting up your own, free account and send an invite for the session via email.  This allows you to link directly to the session, initially in a waiting room.  Sessions are 50 minutes in length.


Being able to see your counsellor gives you more of the benefits you get from face-to face counselling, with the convenience of online therapy. By talking, you hear tone of voice which is one way to express empathy and with video, you see nonverbal communications such as facial expressions.


Telephone Counselling

At the agreed time, I phone you on the agreed number.  This can be a landline or mobile.  You need to be in a private room where you cannot be overheard.  Some clients choose to sit in their car and go to a space where they can sit quietly, others go for a walk and enjoy the outdoor space.


Some clients prefer the telephone as they can speak freely and their counsellor responds to their non- verbal communication, such as tone of voice or speed of talking.


Online counselling offers certain benefits but there are also limitations that are worth bearing in mind when deciding which type of therapy will best suit your needs.


Online counselling therapy takes place within a secure, encrypted environment to offer you confidentiality and safety.

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