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Walk and Talk, another way to experience face to face

Not heard of it? Perhaps not, though an option that some therapists offer as part of their practice.

Pause for a moment, before you begin to talk yourself out of it … ‘but I’m not fit enough!’ , ‘I can’t walk very far’ , ‘struggle with my mobility’ or apprehensive that you might be judged …

Let me tell you something about me, I’m not the fittest, most mobile and have to pace myself too. The benefits I find from being outside, gives me a sense of connecting and letting myself be open to what surfaces and the elements. They are also part of the experience.

Where? By water, a path disappearing into woodland, a bench at the end of track way: all of these locations are available in and around Telford, close to where you live or if wanted, in a new part so that you can be free knowing that you are unlikely to meet anyone you know.

Ready to try this experience? Your choice …


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